Bigger Than Brevard

The Brand New Album From Mac Ro

Mac Ro Head Shot Bigger Than Brevard is the latest release from Royal Vizion artist Mac Ro. It’s been 4 years since Mac released his debut album, Perfect Timing. This project shows the amount of dedication he’s put into developing his craft over the years. With 18 songs this project is packed with diversity, from high-energy, hard bass hitting records to more relaxed, mellow and smooth tracks, there truly is something for every fan of Hip-Hop.

From the moment you start the first track until the last track ends, Mac Ro takes you on an audible journey that evokes a range of emotions from happiness and excitement to sadness and empathy. It flows in a story-like sequence that captures a variety of different topics in depth through personal experience. Even so, Bigger Than Brevard will be difficult to listen to all the way through without repeating one or more tracks.

Mac Ro Head Shot The lead single produced by MJNichols, titled “32’z” featuring fellow Royal Vizion artist Jeronimo Redd is an ode to the state of Florida, specifically Brevard County, as well as an alcoholic beverage the Miller Brewing Co. Olde English 800. The beverage is typically produced in 40 ounce bottles but the 32 oz. version is unique to Florida due to the legal alcohol limit. With all this in mind, Mac decided to create an anthem style record that Floridians could be proud to represent. The official music video was shot and edited by AD Productions and is available on YouTube as well as his official website

The follow-up single is a provocative solo record geared towards his female audience appropriately titled “Nasty”. Produced by Orlando native Kountdown Beats, this record is meant for the club and depending on the club, clothes are optional. The video concept for this song, rather than going with the obvious imagery that would accompany the promiscuous lyrics, was a more comical approach. Mac would be the babysitter’s boyfriend who is invited over for a “good time” only for that moment to be interrupted time and time again by the home-alone-esque child being watched.

Bigger Than Brevard and the singles are available for streaming now on services such as, Spotify, Apple Music, iHeartRadio, etc. The album is also available in physical format or digital download on Mac’s official website Every physical copy is signed and packaged by Mac Ro himself to prove his dedication towards his fans. If you have any feedback for Mac, questions or concerns, email:

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